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Since 1901

Founded in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, over a century ago, the Serb National Federation is one of the oldest and largest Serbian-American fraternal organizations on this continent.

Today, the SNF continues to provide quality life insurance, annuities, and scholarships for its membership and sponsors academic, sports, and cultural events. Throughout its history, the SNF has contributed over $1 million in aid to the Serbian people, both here in America and in the Old Country.

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When you purchase an SNF product, you become a member of our family. Whether you are looking for life insurance to cover final expenses, open an annuity for retirement, or pass on wealth to your loved ones, our trusted advisors will work with you one-on-one to find the perfect solution for your needs.

I am personally grateful for all the years the SNF has been a backbone for perpetuating our culture, faith, education, and fraternalism for our youth as well as members of all ages.
Mira Steen
SNF Member, Lodge 163; 2022 Scholarship Recipient

Financial Security

SNF Life Insurance

Traditional Whole Life

Our lowest cost permanent insurance plan.

20 Year
Pay Life

Pay premiums condensed over a shorter period of time.

Single Premium Whole Life

Pay your premium only once. Perfect for young adults.

10 Year
Level Term

Excellent low-cost life insurance protection for short-term needs.

Single Premium Term to age 30

Level coverage for children and young adults from age 0-30.

Build Your Investment Portfolio

Fixed Annuities

Guarantee your financial future with an investment that can only grow, with competitive interest rates!

  • Principal protected – free from market risk and price fluctuations
  • Interest earned is tax-deferred when compounded
  • Purchase with both non-qualified as well as tax-qualified IRA funds
  • Liquidity options for penalty free & systematic withdrawals
  • Avoids probate, passing to named beneficiaries at death
  • No fees, loads or sales charges

Genesis 8-Year PLUS*

7.00% APY

Guaranteed 1st Year

*Minimum Deposit $25,000

Genesis 5-Year PLUS*

6.25% APY

Guaranteed 1st Year

*Minimum Deposit $25,000

Optimum 3-Year PLUS*

5.50% APY

*Minimum Deposit $25,000

Optimum 2-Year PLUS*

5.25% APY

*Minimum Deposit $25,000

Optimum Choice*

4.25% APY

*Minimum Deposit $1,000

Optimum 2-Year*

4.75% APY

*Minimum Deposit $1,000

Optimum 3-Year*

5.25% APY

*Minimum Deposit $1,000

Genesis 5-Year*

5.75% APY

*Minimum Deposit $5,000

Genesis 8-Year*

6.50% APY

*Minimum Deposit $5,000

SNF Paper

The American Srbobran, our official newspaper, is published twice monthly and has been available to the public since 1906.

SNF members receive the paper at half-off the subscription price. Upon your purchase of life insurance or an annuity, you receive a free three-month subscription!

Frequently Asked Questions

Fraternal benefit societies are a unique combination of business and volunteerism in which members participate in community service and volunteer projects, hold leadership roles in their local lodges, and have a say in the operation of the organization. Declared charitable and benevolent institutions by law, fraternal societies are operated on a not-for-profit basis.

Additionally, your funds are supported by sound investments recommended by our financial advisors, who adhere to the strict standards of the NAIC.

No! The SNF welcomes EVERYONE to join and enjoy the benefits of membership – from low-risk financial growth to scholarships and cultural/social events, we invite you to apply today!

We provide financial services and protection through life insurance, annuities, IRAs/Retirement accounts, and Education Savings Accounts.

Yes! We currently offer a 0-30 Term Life policy which provides $10-20,000 in coverage for a one-time payment of $125 or $225. A Coverdell (Educational Savings Account) is another great option and allow you to safely save cash gifts and earnings – parents and grandparents can contribute to this account as well.

All applicants and ONE parent must be current SNF members. Visit our scholarships page for more details and eligibility requirements.

The American Srbobran, our official newspaper, is published twice monthly and has been available to the public since 1906. The Srbobran is also available online! SNF Members receive half-off the subscription price – sign up now!

Board of Directors

Open An SNF Annuity Today!

Short Term:  4.25%  Optimum Choice (1  year)

5.25% Optimum 2*

5.50% Optimum 3*

Long Term:  6.25% Genesis 5*   7.00% Genesis 8*

  • Guaranteed never to earn less than 3%
  • Tax deferred earnings
  • No sales charges or fees
  • Liquidity/Withdrawal features
  • Flexible retirement income options
  • Avoids Probate
*$25,000 Minimum Deposit; Lower minimums available

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