Build Your Investment Portfolio

SNF Fixed Annuities

Guarantee your financial future with an investment that can only grow, with competitive interest rates!

  • Principal protected – free from market risk and price fluctuations
  • Interest earned is tax-deferred when compounded
  • Purchase with both non-qualified as well as tax-qualified IRA funds
  • Liquidity options for penalty free & systematic withdrawals
  • Avoids probate, passing to named beneficiaries at death
  • No fees, loads or sales charges

Optimum Choice 1-Year

4.25% APY

Optimum Choice 2-Year

4.25% APY

Optimum Choice 3-Year

4.25% APY

Genesis 5-Year

4.25% APY (3% minimum guarantee)

Genesis 8-Year

5.00% APY (3% minimum guarantee)

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At SNF, we understand the importance of family. That’s why we treat every client like a member of our  family. We are there for you through every step of this process to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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