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SNF Fixed Annuities

Guarantee your financial future with an investment that can only grow, with competitive interest rates!

Optimum 2-Year PLUS*

5.00% APY

*Minimum Deposit $25,000

Optimum 3-Year PLUS*

5.50% APY

*Minimum Deposit $25,000

Genesis 5-Year PLUS*

5.50% APY

*Minimum Deposit $25,000

Genesis 8-Year PLUS*

6.25% APY

*Minimum Deposit $25,000

Optimum Choice

4.25% APY

Optimum 2-Year

4.25% APY

Optimum 3-Year

5.25% APY

Genesis 5-Year

5.25% APY

Genesis 8-Year

6.0% APY

You are part of the family. Every step of the way.

At SNF, we understand the importance of family. That’s why we treat every client like a member of our  family. We are there for you through every step of this process to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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Secure Your Family’s Future In 3 Simple Steps


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One of our experts will reach out to you to discuss what investments work best for you.


Fill out an application

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Put your plan into action

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Open An SNF Annuity Today!

Earn 4.25% 1 or 2 year

5.25% 3 year    5.50% 5 year    6.25% 8 year
with $25,000 minimum deposit

  • Guaranteed never to earn less than 3%
  • Tax deferred earnings
  • No sales charges or fees
  • Liquidity/Withdrawal features
  • Flexible retirement income options
  • Avoids Probate

Protect And Grow Your Assets